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Full text of "University Summer School. Report of Committee on Literature for Schools."

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University Summer School, 

Report of Committee on Literature for Schools. 

A Graded List Selected with Reference to 
Cheap Editions, 

The purpose of the Committee in preparing- the follow- 
ing list of books has been not merely to recommend good 
literature suitable for children at all stages of advance- 
ment, but to give teachers difinite directions where the 
best books may be had for the least money. Any teacher 
may extend the list, (more easily for the higher grades,) by 
consulting the catalogues of the publishers given below. 
All the the editions in this list the committee can recom- 
mend, both as to subject matter, and as to quality of paper 
and print. 

The grading corresponds to that of the city schools of 
North Carolina. Ungraded schools may refer to the 
Holmes' series of readers as a standard of classification. 
Thus, children who can read Holmes' First Reader may 
read the books recommended for the First Grade; a mastery 
of Holmes' Second Reader is sufficient to read those re- 
commended for Second Grade; etc. 

The committee are convinced from experience that none 
of the literature of the list is introduced too early; though 
any of the books of each grade may be read by pupils of 
one or two years' further advancement. In other words, 
most of the books, especially those recommended for pupils 
above the Third Grade, are English classics, and should 
be read by everybody. Thus, children of the Sixth Grade 
would read with pleasure and profit Ruskin's King of the 
Golden River, recommended for the Fourth, or HlAWA- 

THA, recommended for the Fifth Grade. The purpose of 
the grading' is to show how soon, in the opinion of the com 
mittee, children can appreciate these classics; but by no 
means to limit their use to one particular class. It is not 
necessary to wait till a child can fully appreciate a master- 
piece before reading it. There are passages in all great 
masters that some of us never appreciate. Yet we are 
made better by studying them. 

Maynard's Classics have useful notes, introductions, and 
biographical sketches of authors. They are sent post-paid 
upon receipt of price. So are the books of the Educational 
Publishing Co. All text-book publishers usually allow a 
discount to teachers ordering lots for class use, General 
publications can often be obtained from the Baker & Taylor 
Co., book jobbers, cheaper than from the publishers them 


All the publishing houses mentioned in the list, except 
the Public School Publishing Co., have New York offices. 

A Id en, 

Am. Book Co., 

B. & T. Co., 


Ed. Pub. Co., 


H. M. & Co., 


Home Book Co. 


Maynard'' s Classics, 

Pub. School Pub. Co., 

Riverside Lit., 

Jno. B. Alden. 

American Book Co. 

The Baker & Taylor Co. 

Cassell & Co. 

Educational Publishing Co. 

Ginn & Co. 

Houghton, Mifflin, & Co. 

D. C. Heath & Co. 

Maynard, Merrill, & Co. 

published by Maynard. Merrill, 
& Co. 

Public School Publishing Co., 
Bloomington, 111. 

Riverside Literature Series, Pub- 
lished by Houghton, Mifflin, 
& Co. 


tEsop's Fables. Stiff paper. Illustrated. Ed. Pub. Co. 

4 Nos., each .05. 

Bow Wow and Mew Mew. Stiff paper. Illustrated. May- 

nard's Classics, No. ISO. .10. 

Riverside Primer and First Reader. Stiff paper. H. 

M. & Co. .25. 

The same in cloth .30. 


Danish Fairy Stiff paper. Illustrated. May- 
nard's Classics, No. 127. .10. 

German Fairy Tales. Stiff paper. Illustrated. May- 
nard's Classics, No. 132. .10. 

i5ES0P'S Fables. Stiff paper. Illustrated. Maynard's 
Classics, No. 133. .10. 

Grimm's Fairy Tai,ES. Stiff paper. Illustrated. Ed. 
Pub. Co. 4 Nos., each .05. 

Book of Cats and Dogs. Boards. Illustrated. Am. 
Book Co. .17. and Folk Stories. Paper, Riverside Litera- 
ture, Nos. 47, 48, each .15. 

Classic Stories for the Little Ones. Flexible cloth. 
Pub. School Pub. Co. .35. 

Cook's Nature Myths and Stories. Paper. A. Flana- 
gan, Chicago. .20. 
The same in Boards .25. 

Heart of Oak Books. No. 1. Cloth. Heath. 


Aladdin or the Wonderful Lamp. Stiff paper Illustrat- 
ed. Maynard's Classics, No. 134. .10. 

The NurnberG Stove. Stiff paper. Maynard's Classics, 
No. 151. .10. 

Six Popular Tales. First Series. (Jack, the Giant Kill- 
er, Jack and the Bean Stalk, Little Red Riding- Hood, 
Puss in Boots, The Sleeping- Beauty, Cinderella.) Stiff 
paper. Illustrated. H. M. & Co. .1G. 

Six Popular Tales. Second Series. (Bluebeard, Hop-O- 
My-Thumb, Beautv and the Beast, The Princess and 
the Nuts, Fortunatus, Whittington and his Cat.) Stiff 
paper. Illustrated. H. M. & Co. .16. 

Hans Andersen's Stories. Paper. Riverside Lit., Nos. 
49, 50, each .15. 

Golden Book of Choice Reading (Fairy Tales, etc.) 
Cloth. Illustrated. Am. Book Co. .30. 

Seven Little Sisters. (Introduction to the study of geog- 
raphy.) Cloth. Illustrated. Ginn. .50. 

The Seven Little Sisters Prove their Sisterhood. 
(Sequel to Seven Little Sisters.) Cloth. Illustrated. 
Ginn. .50. 

Stories Mother Nature Told Her Children. (Intro- 
duction to out-door work in Science.) Cloth. Illus- 
trated. Ginn. .50. 

Heart of Oak Books No. 2. Heath. 


Black Beauty. (Autobiography of a horse. Strong- plea 
for kindness to animals.) Paper. Premium Library, 
No. 20. Home Book Co. .10. 

Book of Tales (Fairy Tales and Folk Stories.) Cloth. Il- 
lustrated. Am. Book Co. .50. 

King of the Golden River. By John Ruskin. (A story 
teaching- a moral of Christian charity.) Boards. Illus- 
trated. Ginn. .20. 

Editha's Burglar. Boards. Illustrated. Order of Baker 
& Taylor Co. .25. 

Birds and Bees. (Essays by John Burroug-hs stimulating 
a love for nature study.) Paper. Riverside Lit., No. 
28. .15. 

The Water Babies. By Charles Kingsley. Boards. Il- 
lustrated. Ginn. .35. 

Ten Boys who Lived on the Road from Long Ago 
To Now. (Characteristics of ten peoples represented in 
the lives of ten boys.) Boards, Illustrated. Ginn .50. 

Robinson Crusoe. (With map and life of De Foe.) Linen. 
Maynard. * .30. 

Wonder Book for Boys and Girls. Paper. Alden. .06. Paper. Riverside Lit., Nos. 22, 23, 
each .15. 

The same in one volume. Cloth. .40. 

Heart of Oak Books. No. 3. Cloth. Heath. 


Guuivee's Voyage to Lilliput. Stiff paper. Maynard's 

Classics, No. 60. .10. 

Swiss Family Robinson. Boards. Illustrated. Ginn .40. 
Hiawatha. Paper. Riverside Lit., Nos. 13, 14, each .15. 

The same in one volume. Cloth .40. 

The Children's Hour, etc. By Long-fellow. Paper. 

Riverside Lit., No. 11. .15. 

The Peasant and the Prince. (A story of the French 

Revolution.) Boards. Ginn. .35. 

Tales of Troy. Paper. Pub. School Pub. Co. .20. 

Hale's Arabian Nights. Boards. Illustrated. Ginn .40. 
The Story of Macbeth. Stiff paper. Illustrated. Ed. 

Pub. Co. . .05. 

Rab and his Friends. Stiff paper. Maynard's Classics, 

No. 52. .10. 

Heart of Oak Books. No. 4. Cloth. Heath. 


Tom Brown's School Days. Paper. Sea Side Edition. 
B. & T. Co. .15. 

Old Testament Stories in Scriptural Language. (From 
the dispersion at Babel to the conquest of Canaan.) Pa- 
rer. Riverside Lit., No. 46. .15, 

Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Stiff Paper. Maynard's 
Classics, No. 41. .10. 

Courtship of Miles Standish. Paper. Riverside Lit., 
NO. 2. .15. 

Lays of Ancient Rome. Paper. Alden. .08. 

The same. (With biographical sketch of Macaulay, his 
preface and introductions, also explanatory notes.) 
Cloth. Maynard's Classics, double No. 76-77. .20. 

Adventures of Ulysses. By Charles Lamb. Boards. 
Ginn. .25. 

Kingsley's Greek Heroes. Boards. Illustrated. Ginn .35. 

A-HunTING OF THE DEER, etc. By C. D. Warner. Paper. 
Riverside Lit., No. 37. .15. 

Deserted Village, etc. Paper. Alden. .02. 

The same. (With notes, etc.) Stiff paper. Maynard's 
Classics, No. 6. .10. 

Poor Richard's Almanac. Paper. Alden. .02. 

The same. (With other selections from Franklin's writ- 
ing's.) Paper. Riverside Lit., No. 21. .15. 

Dickens' Christmas Carol and Chimes. Paper. Cas- 
sell. .10. 


Enoch Arden. Paper. Alden. .02. 

Enoch Arden, Lotus Eatus, Ulysses, and Titiionius. 

By Tennyson. (With biographical sketch of the author, 

and notes.) Stiff paper. Maynard's Classics, No. 30. .10. 
Evangeline. Paper. Alden. .04. 

Whittier's Snow Bound, Songs of Labor, etc. Paper. 

Riverside Lit., No. -t. .15. 

The Traveler. (With notes, etc.) Stiff paper. Maynard's 

Classics, No. 15. .10. 

She Stoops to Conquer and The Good Natuked Man. 
Paper. Alder. .08. 

The same. (With introduction, notes, etc.) Cloth. May- 
nard. .25. 

Franklin's Autobiography. (With introduction and 
notes.) Cloth. Maynard's Classics, triple No. 112-113- 
114. .30. 

The Talisman. Paper. Sea Side edition. B. & T. Go. .15. 
The same. (With notes.) Boards. Ginn. .50. 

Castle Dangerous. By Scott. Sea Side Edition. B. & 
T. Co .15. 

Scott's Tales of a Grandfather. Boards. Ginn. .40. 

Lay of the Last Minstrel. Boards. Ginn. .30. 

Lars. By Bayard Taylor. (A Norwegian story, with a bio- 
graphical sketch of the author, and notes.) Paper. 
Riverside Lit., No. 16. .15. 

Cricket on the Hearth. Stiff paper. Maynard's Clas- 
sics, No. 86. .10. 

Church's Stories of the Old World. Boards. Ginn .40. 

The Merchant of Venice. (With notes, etc.) Paper. 
Riverside Lit., No. 55. .15. 

The same in cloth. .25. 

The same. (With illustrations and notes). Cloth. 
Maynard .25. 


DeCoverlEY Papers. Stiff paper. Maynard's Classics, 
No. 18. .10. 

Lady of the Lake. Paper. AUlen. .05. 

The same. (With maps and notes.) Boards. Ginn. .35. 

Elaine. Paper. Alden. .02. 

The same. (With introduction and notes). Still paper. 
Maynard's Classics, No. 56. .10. 

Longfellow's Golden Legend. Paper. Riverside Lit- 
erature, Nos. 25, 26, each * .15. 
The same in cloth. One volume. .40. 

WhiTTier's Tent on the Beach, etc. Paper. Riverside 
Literature, No. 41. .15. 

Ivanhoe. Boards. American Book Co. .50. 

Selections from Ruskin's Modern Painters. Stiff pa- 
per. Maynard's Classics, No. 48. . .10. 


Shakespeare's Julius Cesar. (With notes, etc.) Cloth. 
Maynard. .25. 

The same. (With notes, etc.) Paper. Riverside Litera- 
ture, No. 67. .15. 

Shakespeare's Tempest. (With notes, etc.) Cloth. May- 
nard. .25. 

Vision of Sir Launfal, etc. Paper. Riverside Litera- 
ture, No. 30. .15. 

ThanaTOPsis, etc. Stiff paper. Maynard's Classics, No. 
47. .10. 

Selections from Wordsworth's Poems. Stiff paper. 
Maynard's Classics, No. 90. .10. 

Irving's Alhambra. Stiff paper. Maynard's Classics, 
No. 117. .10. 


Poe'S Raven, etc. Stiff paper. Maynard's Classics, No. 
72. .10- 

Gray's Elegy, etc. Stiff paper. Maynard's Classics, No. 
19. .10. 

Cotter's Saturday Night, etc. Stiff paper. Maynard's 
Classics, No. 9. .10. 

Cotter's Saturday Night, etc. Paper. Alden. .02. 

Childe Harold's Pilgrimage. Cantos I. and II. (With 
prefatory and explanatory notes.) Stiff paper. May- 
nard's Classics, No. 71. .10. 

The Cavalier Poets. (Selections from Herrick, Herbert, 
Carew, Suckling, Lovelace and Cowley.) Stiff paper. 
Maynard's Classics, No. 38. .10. 

Coleridge's Ancient Mariner. Stiff paper. Maynard's 
Classics, No. 17. .10. 

Early English Ballads. (Twa Corbies, Sir Patrick 
Spens, Robin Hood, Chevy Chase, Not-Brown Maj-d.) 
Stiff paper. Maynard's Classics, No. 96. .10. 

Selections from Thackeray's Roundabout Papers. 
Stiff paper. Maynard's Classics, No. 50. .10. 

Poru'S Iliad of Homer. (Selections from Books I-VIII.) 
Cloth. Maynard's Classics, Double No. 144-145. .20. 

Hyperion. Paper. H. M. & Co. .15. 

Webster's Bunker Hill Oration. Stiff paper. Maynard's 
Classics, No. 44. .10. 

Macaduy's Essay on Frederick the Great. Cloth. 
Maynard's Classics, Double No. 108-109. .20. 

Ruskin's Crown of Whd Olive. Paper. Premium Li- 
baary. No. 63. Home Book Co., Alden, or B. & T, 
Co. .10. 

Ruskin's Sesame and Lilies. Paper. Premium Library, 
No. 41. Home Book Co., Alden, or B. & T. Co. .10. 

Macbeth. Cloth. Maynard. .25. 

Shakespeare's King Henry IV. Part I. Cloth. May- 
nard. .25. 

Silas Marner. By George Eliot. Paper. Harper & 
Bros., New York. .25. 


taken from a list prepared by herman t. lukens. 

Ufer's Introduction to the Pedagogy of Herbart. 

Van liEw, C. O: Life of Herbart and Development of 

his Pedagogical Doctrines. Swan, Sonnenschein & 

Co., London. 
Rein's Outlines of Pedagogics. Syracuse, N. Y.: C. W. 

Herbart's Science of Education. Heath. 
De Garmo, Charles: Herbart and the Herbartians. 

New York, Charles Scribner's Sons. 
McMuery, Charles A.: The Elements of General 

Method, based on the principles of Herbart. Public 

School Publishing Co., Bloomington, 111. 
DeGarmo, Charles: The Essentials of Method. 

Parker, Francis W.: Talks on Pedagogics. New 

York and Chicago, E. L. Kellogg & Co. 


McMukry, Charles A.: Special Method in Litera- 
ture and History. Public School Publishing Co.. 
Bloomington, 111. 

Special Method in the Reading op Complete English 
Classics in the Grades op the Common School. 
Public School Publishing Co. 

The following give material for history and literature in 
the primary grades: 

McMurry, Mrs. Lida Brown: Classic Stories for 
the Littie Ones. Teacher's Edition has Appendix oi 
33 pages, containing Introduction by Charles McMurry 
and suggestions on the proper treatment of the stories. 
Public School Publishing Co. 

McMurry:, Mrs. Lida B. and Mary Hall Husted: Rob- 
inson Crusoe for Boys and Girls. Teacher's Edi- 
tion has Appendix of 19 pages by F. M. McMurry on the 
Educational Value of Robinson Crusoe, and by C. C. Van 
Liew on the Method of Teaching Robinson Crusoe. Pub- 
lic School Publishing Co. 

De garmo, Charles: Tales of Troy for Boys and 
Girls. Public School Publishing Co. 

Language Work below the High School. 4 parts. 
Public School Publishing Co. 

McMurry, Charles A.: Pioneer History Stories of 
the Mississippi Valley. Public School Publish- 
ing Co. 

Special Method in Geography. Public School Pub- 
lishing Co. 

Lange's Apperception. Heath. 

Logan D. Howell, ) n . ,,„,■„, , 
P. P. Claxton, [ Committee. 

University Summer School, 

Chapel Hill, N. C, July, 1895.